Instant Disinfectant Spray

70% Alcohol.  Instant surface disinfectant/cleaner. Effective against a broad range of viruses & bacteria. Noncaustic formula is safe on most inanimate surfaces.  Can be used in an ultrasonic cleaner.  Strong enough to kill on contact.

All Purpose Cleaner

‘Slugger’ Garage Floor Cleaner
A powdered high alkali, high surfactant formula with good rinse-ability.  Will tackle the most greasy garage and other concrete floors with ease.

20KG box

50KG drum

200KG drum

‘Citrus’ All Purpose Cleaner
An all around work horse to clean and degrease all kinds of hard surfaces.  Ideal for floors, walls etc.  Contains anti-foam agents for easy rinsing.  Very suitable for car and truck washing.

‘Rapid’ Anti-Bacterial Hard Surface Cleaner Degreaser
A top quality cleaner for all hard surfaces to prevent bacterial contamination.  Designed for food processing, nursing homes, gyms, child care etc.

‘DXP1’ Extra Performance Degreaser
An extra potency degreaser with a broad range of applications.  It will clean wherever grease and grime are a problem, where others fail.  Formulated with specialty chemicals.  For industrial commercial use.

‘Soltex’ Neutralizing Acid & Calcium Remover
This acidic product is designed to neutralize and remove scales, calcium and sodium residues on floors and other surfaces.  Not to be used on marble.

4 X 4L jugs per case

20L plastic pail w/pour spout

200L drum


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