Dish-Washer Detergents

‘Premium Ultra’ Chlorinated Dishwasher
New age powdered formula.  Chlorinated.  Contains acrylic polymers for maximum mineral suspension.  Added rinse agents for spotless dishes and glasses.  No spotting on stainless flatware.  Prevents clouding of plastic dishes.  Corrosion protection for glasses and glazing.

Flateware Pre-Soak Chlorinated
A high alkaline pre-soak powder for stainless steel flatware and utensils.

2 X 4KG pail

10KG pail

10KG box

20KG pail

20KG box

Machine Dish Detergent
A high quality alkaline product with new age surfactants and maximum sequestration for easy rinsing and spotless dishes.  Added silicates to protect glasses and glazing on dishes from corrosion.  For commercial dish washers with line feed.  Suitable for all temperatures and hard water conditions.

Rinse Agent
Latest technology allows this formula to be fully effective in low and high temperatures.  Delivers maximum wetting and sheeting.  For commercial dishwashers with line feed.

‘Chlor 12’ Sanitizer
A 12% chlorine bleach as required in commercial line feed dishwashers for sanitizing purposes.  For commercial and industrial purposes.

‘D-Scale’ De-Limer & De-Scaler
Removes harmful minerals and scale deposits from equipment and pipes.

‘Clean Sensation’ Green Dishwashing Pot & Pan
Palmolive green.  A price conscious dish washing liquid.  Suitable for hand sink dish washing.

‘Sensibly Clean’ Gold Dishwashing Pot & Pan
Sunlight gold.  Our ‘top of the line’ thick dish washing liquid.  Most suitable for hand sink dish washing.  An excellent grease emulsifier.  Fresh lemon fragrance.

Anti-Bacterial Dishwashing
Comparable to our ‘Gold’ dish washing liquid, but with anti-bacterial qualities.  Will kill bacteria on contact.

4 X 4L jugs per case

20L plastic pail w/pour spout

200 L drum


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